The first step is overcoming any kind of situation that holds you in bondage, in your thought mind and body and spirit is to surrender it to God. Then put your faith into and let your actions be fueled by yout faith.

What We Do

To promote revival in the body of Christ and Establish the kingdom of God in the nations. Raise an end time army for the Lord.


We organize crusades in villages, towns and cities so as win souls which we hand over to churches for effective follow up and discipleship.


We partner with mission minded ministries to raise missionaries and also give supports for mission work. At present, we are in partnership with Desires of Nations Ministries based in Akure.


We embark on extensive discipleship work in various zones through which lives are properly built up in Christ. And also


We work hand in hand with churches to organize seminars and also conduct training for their workers.


This is a means through which our mission work is further carried out as we reach the unreached people in remote areas and disciple them for the Lord.


We organised interdenominational retreats for ministers, leaders, workers, etc for a deeper impact to affect their various domains

Our Core Value

To promote revival in the body of Christ and Establish the kingdom of God in the nations. Raise an end time army for the Lord.


Every member is expected to maintain high level of Christian virtues, every act of misconduct observed, reported and proven to be true shall attract disciplinary actions from the leadership of the ministry.​


We believe in righteousness which is right standing with God as imputed into us by Christ Jesus AND the doing of the works of righteousness by the believer​


We are committed to the formation of Christ-like life in the believer through daily study and application of the word of God and unbroken relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Holiness & Diligence

We believe in a wholly consecrated life unto the Lord with purity of heart and character. Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit …….Roman 12:11 ​


that your plenty will supply what they need . . . . 2 Corinthians 8 : 14 -15.​


We strongly believe in the commandment of “Go Ye” as written in in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with particular reference to Matthew 28: 19.

Our Sermons

Our History

Building Disciples Rescuing the perishing
Cornerstone Vision came to being as a sub-set of the revelation/vision of Sunday June 25, 1989. Precisely, the revelation came in form of a trance on the Sunday afternoon after church service. The details comprise of the called, the purpose and the future of the called in ministry.
The Genesis…
Ten years after the revelation, precisely September 1, 1999, the convener had encounter with God in his morning devotion where he was reminded of the vision given over 10 years then. He was warned that if he die with the dream, he will dearly pay for it. The encounter was centered on missions – “Vision gives birth to Mission, the Lord affirmed”. He said the ministry of CVM should be a platform for them to work after leaving school. The fire was rekindled and the Lord set the work in motion

Our Portfolio